The first blog!

So finally here i am ‘’.  Starting with my introduction and then taking this platform to discuss all what i think,believe and understand about  success,society and the light moments of life -the most cheerished times with friends family and the loved ones.

My name is Nilesh (believe me I tried thinking of all the possible styles of saying this from James Bond’s to SRK’s naam toh suna hi hoga 😛 but the simpler the better !) pursuing engineering from one of the most craziest and lively place one can be at – THADOMAL SHAHANI ENGINEERING COLLEGE (tsec). I am 18 years old and think I have preety much completed more then 1/4th of my life experiencing all sorts of happiness, sadness, success(well they need to be discussd in a broad manner :P) and failure (thanks to IIT-JEE)..but yet after all these years my relationship status remains ‘searching’ 😛

Next I am highly patriotic and  belong to a typical Indian middle class family..the point that I am doing engineering, (the default career option of Indian students) is enough to prove this 😛 but other then this  there are quite a few things more: like millions of Indian I too cried when Sachin gave his farewell speech, love to hear Kishor da’s music,discuss politics,and at times I get highly ambitious !!!! My presence in engineering college is not only the outcome of the common trend followed by the nation. I have a keen interest in science and technology. I write poems-something which i’ve been doing since school days without anyone’s pressure or care! writing on issues like current affairs, humour etc etc  have always occupied my time..   (this blog being an attempt to take these hobbies to a new step). Well the credits of  giving my hobbies a face of blog goes solely to tsec where I was lucky enough to meet like minded people and go through their amazing articles and poems  on their blogs it is from them I get the inspiration to start blogging.. but these things happened almost a year back but my laziness kept me away from this, then why suddenly now i decided to start blogging, reason:- I have my applied physics paper in a couple of days and everything other than studying that book seems interesting at this point of time :P.


16 thoughts on “The first blog!

  1. The introduction of yours was too good! Looking forward for your blogs and reviews on everyday topics ( as your tag line says SIMPLE it is!!!)

  2. m sure people are going to love ur blog…someone who has a lott to speak always has finally started writing somewhere other than his phone memo :p
    im going to read alll 😀 awaiting!

  3. Im sure everyone is going to love your blog….someone who has soo much to speak always has finally started writing somewhere except for his phone memo :p
    im going to read all! ‘nilbook’ awaiting! 😀

  4. im waiting to see all your poems HERE which you have been writing since school days….which you try to hide from me….but secretely i have managed to read them all.. :P… proud of u….keep writing…!!!

  5. Awesome Bro…great start!!!Reading ur blog and intro made me reminds of our golden hostel days…great start bro!!!Waiting for ur further blogs and wish u luck…

  6. Nice way to start a blog actually. There is that ‘abhi-likhna-shuru-kiya-hai’ kind of kiddish english which amazes me english has changed. Looking forward to more blogs on good concepts.

  7. Nice way to start a blog actually. There is that ‘abhi-likhna-shuru-kiya-hai’ kind of English though. Looking forward to more blogs on good concepts. Good luck! 🙂

  8. Someone of our batch has started something really amazing n most important.. Something of his own Will ! A rare friend.. But always a friend !
    Keep it up.. Keen for the next posts !

    1. thank you viraj!
      The memories of our hostel days are still fresh in my mind and bring immense joy to me whenever I think about those days..
      The practice for saturday’s classprogram, the preparation for assemblies, independence day’s practice…where we all used to get opportunities to explore ourselves .. and above all… the whole day we used to spend together from early morning jogging to the after prep fun in dorms .. the exam time studies and the bunking of classes.. the game of basketball and pramod sir’s awesome science lectures!! I remember them all! 😀

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