On your way to success!

It was an usual morning for me, sitting with a cup of bournvita and the copy of HT…. I actually had well predicted the headlines being about the modi wave.. but the headlines was covered with an advertising page reading out ‘success success success’……
it was an advertisement from one of the leading coaching classes whose student had done exceptionally well and they made sure the excellence, the hard work and the commitment of their student is well appreciated…. the page started with the name of the topper scoring 98.7% and ended with 95% on the 25th spot..
Wondering if this would have been a case during my time , I wouldn’t even get the 1000th spot even after getting a decent score!!
10th standard’s percentage always meant to be important… important to get admission in good colleges.. important so that the parents can flaunt their child’s marks in front of relatives and friends :P…
High percentage in 10th bring with them a much needed confidence to start the actually important journey of life
By saying this I limit the importance of this success to the extent of a confidence booster exam only, which prepares you for further tests of life…
The thought process was on as I was turning the pages of HT and reading articles and comments on modi’s success.. his successful journey from a tea seller to the PM of India!!!
The stories of success; all motivating and inspiring !
But then behind all these front pages, shouting out loud the success of people .. there hid an article which was much more moving then the front page’s story it read
“15 year old commits suicide after scoring a 2nd class in icse board exams”
And this was not new!!
We students hit by our education system and society which makes success larger than life often end up taking wrong decisions.. definition of success is the ‘aim we set for ourselves’, it is ‘when we our satisfied with what we achieved’ and it ends with an important point ‘ if dissatisfied try again till you succeed’
We all go through a bad phase .. we all face failure in life.. that is the time to stand strong.. be what you are and fight back:

“On your way to success, when you feel stressed don’t rest,
Go ahead ……..
success is not the story of cowards it demands immense courage and power..
‘It will come to those who shed their sweat
To those who take the pain till the end of the victory parade’

On your way to success, someday if you feel the road is tough ahead ,
Don’t forget…….
Success is for those who never give up..
‘For them who make those things possible which for world is simply a thing of admiration.’

‘On your way to success, if ever you feel alone ,
dive within your soul….
you’ll find a strong voice who’ll give you the helping hand, the strength to fight the odds ..
‘that will be your biggest inspiration and your visa to the successful’s nation

‘On your way to success, if ever you feel broken and find everything
Close you eyes ……
Recall that dream which brought you in this race.
‘that dream of honour and fame..
Before leaving the race give just 1 minute for your dream’s sake
and then again take up the challenge …
ride again on the horse of determination ..
as you ride high ahead LET THE SMILE BE BRIGHT AGAIN..
don’t look back as 2 step ahead is the victor’s stand.,,

–nilesh Jain


4 thoughts on “On your way to success!

  1. Success is what everyone dreams of! But to have TRUE SUCCESS you have to have a heart! Which isn’t the case in Today’s World! Shortcut’s bringing Success is what i see around which disheartens Today’s Generation! Even after your post on positve side of success i feel negative(not your fault though)! The path which you select to walk on to follow your Dreams is what i feel should matter and not the final stage Success!! 😇

  2. Very well said “Success is not the story of cowards it demands immense courage and power..”. Success cannot be measured or defined, for SUCCESS means different to different people.
    Success is the stage when one feels satisfied with oneself.
    Infact failures are important too for as they say ‘ Success introduces YOU to the World but failures introduces The WORLD to You.’

    Very well written Nilesh. I am Proud of you.

  3. Inspiring!!!!. It inspired me alot. Bro u need a better platform to share your words.
    “The best way to predict your future, is to create it”

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