The Family Called CSI-TSEC.

Engineering is no fun unless it has the thrill, extra curricular activities and of course the technical essence in it.
It is much above the books and assignments, its about facing the practical challenge, balancing the enjoyment of college life and the exam stress, its about making new friends the best friends .. its about creating a memory which will always bring a smile on your face with a few drops of tears in your eyes….
All this I experienced being a part of The Computer Society Of India- TSEC.
And this is how my wonderful journey with the CSI-TSEC began;
As a fresher I started the college and obviously it was altogether a new environment, new people and a new place .. after some discussion with few classmates and interaction with seniors we decided to join the Computer Society Of India -TSEC..


The csi membership was not at all a namesake membership .. The society was one of the most active committees at TSEC and was a best platform to socialize.. new friends.. more interaction. Geting to know more about the college events, activities, workshops and seminars.. They made sure being a part of CSI one enjoys each and every day at the college

The Biggest Achievement- SYNC!!

SYNC-the project club of CSI-TSEC.. the entry to this club required to clear an interview! it was a platform where the first year students along with the seniors would work on technical idea and projects.. bringing dreams into reality and experiencing the engineering feel!!
The project club selection were done, luckily i was selected after an heated interview.
This club not only increased my knowledge about technical stuff but also developed a problem solving approach- the way an engineer should think and get the solutions of the problems of general people ..
after all engineers are considered the drug of modern society.
After lots of thinking and meets we decided our projects .. with each meet we faced a new problem and successfully found a solution to it till the next meet..and as the project was finalized it was something totally different of what it was meant to be .. but the purpose it served was same..
we moved on with the project.. completed it !! and then was the time of testing .. excitement-we had created something .. but it didn’t last for long .. the project had a drawback – a question which the google also couldn’t answer and days passed we had no solution to it… but we were determined.. it had to be done !!
the exhibition day was near.. we started making a new project for display .. yet the previous project was in our minds ..
It was this believe and determination which striked the solution of the problems in our minds .. yes, we developed one solution all on our own. next day we met in the college worked on it for continuous 8 hrs.. and it was ready, our ideas turned into reality- THE PEN PROJECT was a success !! – a digital pen which was surface independent and cost effective!!
This is how CSI became a part of me.. The people i interacted with and worked with during this period became very close to my heart. We learnt together and worked together, ate together and cracked jokes together .. we were not a part of a committee now, we turned into a family, a family called CSI-TSEC

The Industrial Visit- NEPAL.

Words are less to describe those 10 days of my life, those 10 days with friends, across the border in the womb of Himalayas..playing antakshari and crazy rapid fire games in that bus moving on the narrow ghats! the fun in the hotels… and serious talk with closest friends.. new people and also the view of mother nature and nepal’s beauty .. singing, shouting, dancing and living each moment of it … CSI-TSEC gave me a reason to love this family more..

CSI-TSEC was not just about these 3 things it had its festivals and much more things which all can not be expressed in a small article. CSI-TSEC is much more then a technical society in college.. you not only talk about technical stuff here .. it is for each and every person, one experiences a professional life as well as enjoys his college days here.
There’s a scope of development in all areas of interest through different clubs and importantly with the interaction with people
With all this love, experience and moment of happiness this society has given me, I again and again, proudly say that I am a part of the family called CSI-TSEC


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