The Man who lit the ‘AGNI’

We grow up hearing fairy tales, stories of various incidents and people and we all have our favorite heroes from these stories! These heroes become our idols and we look upto them for inspiration.
I grew up hearing this man’s story, The story of struggle, hardwork and success. Story of a simple person who went on to become the most important person of the nation, The story of DR. APJ ABDUL KALAM, one of the greatest scientist, leader and above all an humble person.
From cradle to the grave his life has been full of inspiration!
As a kid, Dr Kalam set an example for millions that poverty and lack of opportunity should not be obstacles on the path to success. He was born in a poor family, did a part time job to support his family income yet his interest in aeronautics and physics never burnt out; with this devotion and hard work he managed to study and even reached NASA; one of his many peaks he achieved!
When the rest of the world denied to lend its support to India in aerospace technology, this man took it upon himself, and made India self-reliant in missiles and nuclear weapons.
He played a vital role in defence research and development organisation of the country,
and went on to be titled The Missile Man of India !
Also during his reign as the president, when the nation was suffering from corruption, poverty and all sorts of problems, He lit a dream, the dream of INDIA 2020; with this vision he gave hopes to the entire nation and again helped the country in its dark phases.
After his presidency; He continued enlightening students; went to different colleges and schools to meet students and motivate them, till his last breath he continued shaping the future of India, in IIM shillong where he was suppose to give a lecture to the post-graduate students. We will always be grateful to Dr. Kalam because of the AGNI he created, the ‘agni’ in the hearts of every Indian to serve the nation and work harder!
I remember studying a chapter
“only lesser work gives trouble” – Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam in our school textbooks;
Reading ‘Wings Of Fire’; Listening to him as a chief guest in our school on republic day
and all the various articles, videos and blogs related to Dr. Kalam, all this simply motivated me to work harder and take India closer to the India of his dreams’ The India of 2020! Working on the path he showed; for the dreams he gave us will be the best tribute to this man! So let’s work on not letting this dream pass away, lets keep Dr. Kalam alive by keeping his dream alive!


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